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    Quote Originally Posted by masterwitcher88 View Post
    As someone whose never gotten into Game of Thrones, whats the appeal of Circe acting like Cersei to you?

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    Quote Originally Posted by the illustrious mr. kenway View Post
    As someone whose never gotten into Game of Thrones, whats the appeal of Circe acting like Cersei to you?
    Cersei is quite possible one of the best written villains in modern times. The show actually does a better job at making you sympathize with her than the books, mainly do to Lena Headey as an actress. However as a book reader I know her ark will be better handled and completed than in the show.

    Cersei is selfish and self-serving, ambitious, and cunning. She is greedy and wants power. Believing herself to be subtle and politically intelligent, she is often scheming from behind the shadows to further her power ambitions. She hates the customs placed on her due to her gender, at times wishing she was born a man, and feels slighted if her orders are ignored. Yet she thrives under her position as queen and looks down at other women, like Margery Tyrell, who would threaten what power Cersei has. She was forced into a marriage with Robert Baratheon, a man known for his alcoholism and constant adultery, for political gain and maintained that "relationship" as long as she need to until she saw an opportunity to be rid of him. Her philosophy of "The more people you love the weaker you are. You do things for them that you would never do for anyone else, you play the fool to make them happy. Love no one but your children, on that front a mother has no choice." plays a massive role in her sympathy angle. She only loves her children, however that love is really from a narcissistic point of view in that her children are extensions of her. She coddles them, even promotes their worst/psychopathy tendencies because she believe that she can do no wrong and there for her children can't either. I've read several posts from other fans that say she is all 7 sins wrapped up into one person. She is impatient and views caution as cowardly and disagreement as defiance. She knows who to manipulate and control, to a point, this again is hindered by her narcissism. Her father, Tywin, has told her "I don't mistrust you because you are a woman, I mistrust you because you're not as smart as you think you are." She truly believes that she is greater and more cunning than anyone else and can play politics just as good as someone like her father or younger brother. There are so many layers and complexities to her as a character that its hard to narrow down one reason why I think she is a great villain template to look at for a modern Circe in the Wondermythos.

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