I am the writer of a 183-page graphic novel called Radha, which expands on a story I first developed as a short film (https://vimeo.com/173698350).

It's a supernatural drama set in rural Ireland with a touch of cosmic horror. It tells the story of Saoirse, a young woman who is forced to return to her hometown in rural Donegal by extraordinary circumstances to discover that the town is now overrun by a strange cult who worships the sea and a mysterious dancer who uses her performances to provide them with elated dreams at the cost of their physical health. Saoirse will soon find out that this cult and their beliefs are intimately connected to a previous accident which caused the death of one of her childhood friends.

Here are a few pages to show you the style of the comic, which is drawn by Italian artist Domenico Carbone. If you like the project it would mean a lot to us if you chose to follow us on the project's dedicated IG account (@radha_graphicnovel).




The plan at the moment is to distribute the first 73 pages as a free digital preview, hopefully before the end of the year, then put together a crowdfunding campaign to help with the cost of publishing and release the full graphic novel next year.

Thanks for reading!