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    Lightbulb art and writer jobs group on facebook

    i 'm honored to be sharing with you guys

    we post daily jobs ..writers do post stories ..character descriptions ..artists do share their showcases we are a growing community ...i know many of us don't like working on UPWORK OR FREELANCE and would like to work freely ..this is why we created a group for all of us writers and artists ...

    wish you a nice day ..
    many thanks in advance ..

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    I'm interested, how can I contact you?
    I want to ask about the work schedule, as I currently work on weekends as a real estate agent, and I have a lot of time on weekdays. In fact, if you want to know more about me, you can take a look at this list of jobs for the weekend *************.com, since I have already tried myself on 13 jobs, and at the moment I like being a real estate agent most of all since I get pretty good money in a short period. As for me, such kinds of jobs are much better than nothing, because, working in any field, you get experience, you become better and disciplined. Moreover, you can change your worldview sometimes
    As for me you never know what kind of work will be your favorite, that's why everyone should try as many jobs as he can
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