Writer looking for artist, paid gig. I'm up for paying a page rate and/or splitting IP. Whatever works best.

The story is a pseudo-futuristic crime tale that's about 8 issues of 22 pages each. I have the entire story outlined and the first issue's script written.

I'd like to put together 6 or 7 pages and a cover to pitch to publishers as a first priority. I'm open to it being self publishing or a web comic. Also, I'm a graphic designer so I'd be able to do the design work and lettering for the book (or trade services as payment).

I'd like the art to be something like Cliff Chiang, Greg Smallwood, Sean Philips, David Aja, etc. I don't really want typical superhero style, but something clean and easy to read. Clear storytelling and thoughtful environments are most important to me. Open minded about color / black & white / somewhere in between.

email: jsthrone@gmail.com