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    Post The Original Secret Wars Spider-Man's Treatment and role or lack of it

    So Iv read Secret Wars and its famous for Spider-Man getting the iconic Black Suit. Yet besides that he doesn't really do anything in it. He's basically a background character, if you took him out you wouldn't miss a thing with the story.

    Seriously even his Villains are Third string not ecen. Doc Ock is in it and despite being a scientist, that's basically forgotten and he's Third string to Doom and even Molecule Man. He gets beaten up easily by the Good Guys.
    As for the Lizard well he gets to play games with Klaw and Ben Grimes Gone is the scary threat to everyone. You think like Doom he'd also want the Beyonders power. I guess not

    Secret Wars gets talked about as the First Great crossover story. Even the Russo brothers said they would like to do movie of it. Yet Spider-Man is treated like a joke. What was the purpose of even having him if you weren't going to use him ?

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    I think Spider-Man got a good show in SW’1984.

    He beat up the X-men in single combat.
    He beat up Titania and Absorbing Man
    Was treated with respect by all superheroes.

    Ultimately SW is the story of Doctor Doom both times. He is the protagonist. And in the first SW, even the FF are shown as second banana. It’s Captain America who defeats Doom. SW-2015 has more focus on the FF by comparison and Reed gets to defeat Doom there.

    At the end of the day Spider-Man is a bigger deal in SW than say Tony Stark, absent both times. That automatically gives it high marks.

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    I guess you could argue that his role wasn't vital, but that's the sin of literally every big crossover event. It's not even worth mentioning anymore.

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    The book was made to sell a toyline.
    Quote Originally Posted by ???
    The world has changed, and so have I.

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    There was also a limited series about 10 years ago called "Spider-Man & the Secret Wars" which retold the classic storyline from Spidey's perspective.

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