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    Quote Originally Posted by TheCape View Post
    He also throw another when he discovered than Lex made a clone of him, overall i think that the point of those was to show than Injustice Superman has always been a control freak.
    Being angry at someone cloning you without your knowledge or consent isn't unreasonable.

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    Quote Originally Posted by superduperman View Post
    The tantrum is, as far as we know, just a one time thing as a toddler when the Kents discovered his powers. But the fact that he and Lex were friends is a red flag right there that this Superman is a bit different. Since we've never seen Lana in this universe, it makes me wonder if something didn't happen to her in this universe that made him a little more willing to bend the rules that mainstream Supes wouldn't.
    Lex was (as far as we know) a good guy in this universe, so Super being friends with him isnt something bad at all imo

    And regarding Lana, unless something happened between the Injustice 2 Annual 2 events, and Metropolis, I think Lana is/was just fine, because I dont see Ma Kent joking over Clark/Lana "Late night meetings" so non-chalantly otherwise

    And regarding Clark's tantrums, I give them a pass because:
    -The first one was a classic child tantrum over something he lost, cant even supes behave as a regular child? smh
    -Discovered you got cloned without your consent/knowledge isnt something most people would take lightly imo
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