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As a boy it did, as an adult he became what he hated. Every single death by his hands made it harder for mutant kind to be accepted. People don't like it when their loved ones are murdered by another group - this is the hypocrisy Eric became as a super-villain. Magneto doesn't speak just with words, he actively kills scores of people in horrifying ways. Including mutants who oppose him or are "sacrificed" to cow the world into giving him wants, which often leads to conquering a country or the world. And as you know Magneto's just one person, there are scores of mutant and who commits acts of terror in his name. This is especially bad for a marginalised sub-group who are oppressed around the world, since he isa big part of how they are represented to the world. Magneto made that himself, it's not like they voted him in to that position.
This reads a lot like when racists post about crime in chicago and use it to imply that black people are inherently violent or something. The actions of Magneto or Apocalypse or whoever have zero to do with how accepted mutants should be.