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    Default Image Comics solicitations for October 2020

    These were released a few days ago, and gives us an insight into what Image Comics are planning to release this October.

    New stuff:
    - The Scumbag #1 is the start of a new, ongoing espionage series from Rick Remender. Looks like every issue will feature a different artist, and they've got 12 people lined up already, including big names like Tula Lotay, Eric Powell, Wes Craig, and many others.
    - The Walking Dead Deluxe #1 marks the start of a full-colour republishing of Robert Kirkman's hit series. They're seeing these won't be getting collected editions for a long while, and every issue will include notes, abandoned plot ideas, outlines and so on.
    - Commanders in Crisis is a new superhero series, positioning itself as the natural evolution of Doom Patrol and Thunderbolts.
    - Getting It Together is a mini-series from Sina Grace and others, it's a contemporary slice-of-life thing. For your dose of tea & dramady.
    - Blue In Green is a (psychological?) horror graphic novel about overachievers.
    - Planet Paradise is a one-person graphic novel about a vacation gone wrong, crash landing on an alien planet and trying to survive there. Could be good!

    Notable releases:
    - Nailbiter Returns #6 marks the start of a new storyline for the horror series, just in time for Halloween.
    - Stealth comes to a close.
    - Sex Criminals has uh wrapped up, but if you missed its ehh climactic finish, the last collection releases in October.

    the-scumbag-1_5f3a215cb2.jpg getting-it-together-1_bfd212f27b.jpg
    Covers for The Scumbag #1 and Getting It Together #1.
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    I'd normally criticize The Walking Dead in color as a cash grab, but I'm sure it will be helpful to retailers, and I can't help but imagine that's part of why it's happening.

    It's also giving steady work to McCaig. So, thumbs up! (I will also be curious to check it out, just to see, but I prefer it B&W)

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