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    Default 2020 Image Comics: A list of every comic Image released this year

    What is this?
    A little project I've been chipping away at for a while now.
    Below is an alphabetical list of every comic Image has in active publication this year.
    Included: Comic series (ongoing and limited), new graphic novels, anthologies and one-shots.
    Excluded: Collected volumes, re-releases of older work, and anything that's on hiatus (such as Saga).

    How can it improve?
    Obviously I have not read every comic listed here, so some descriptions may be inaccurate. If you see any errors, missing entries, or room for improvement, please post them!
    Additionally, I would appreciate feedback about: whether this list is useful for anyone? Should links to forum topics about series be included where possible? Is there too much text, or are descriptions too vague? Any ideas to improve readability? Do you want graphic novels/limited/ongoing series separated out?

    Ongoing series (#-M)
    • 20XX: Sci-fi/thriller. About Syms who have telekinetic powers, set in Anchorage, Alaska. Jonathan Luna on art.
    • A Man Among Ye: Pirate story, about lady pirates.
    • Adventureman: New pulp action/hero series from Matt Fraction, with art by Terry and Rachel Dodson.
    • The After Realm: Quarterly post-apocalyptic fantasy comic by Michael Avon Oeming (Powers), starring an elven warrior.
    • American Jesus: The Messiah: sequel to American Jesus, about a kid who is the literal reincarnation of Jesus. Mark Millar series.
    • Ascender: The fantasy follow-up to sci-fi series Descender. Gorgeous watercolours from Dustin Nguyen, Jeff Lemire writes.
    • Battlepug (2019): Mike Norton's comedy/Conan series about a giant pug riding into battle returned to publication last year.
    • Big Girls: Described as John Wick vs. Godzilla, this is about a girl who loves poetry and needs to save the world.
    • Birthright: 6 years running now, this fantasy series is about a kid lost in a fantasy realm. A Skybound series.
    • Bitter Root: A family of Harlem-based monster hunters in 1920, targeting creatures born of hate. 2019's breakout hit.
    • Black Magick: Urban fantasy/procedural. Witchcraft and black magic abound in this Greg Rucka/Nicola Scott cop/magic series.
    • Bomb Queen: Trump Card: 4 issue sequel to 2012's Bomb Queen, about stopping Trump becoming President for life in 2024.
    • Chu: Spin-off of Chew, about Tony Chu's sister, a criminal trying to elude capture by him.
    • Coffin Bound: Existential dread + roadtrip = Coffin Bound. Drug abuse and misery.
    • Copra (2019): Superhero/anti-hero genre. Indie darling Michel Fiffe's mercenary adventures currently run at Image.
    • Criminal (2019): The celebrated crime series by Brubaker & Phillips returned last year.
    • Crossover: Meta-series about comics crossovers occurring in real life... In a comic... In real life...
    • Crowded: Near-future sci-fi about an app which lets you crowdsource assassinations. Better hope nobody swipes left on you!
    • Dead Eyes: Crime series. A 90ies con-man/hoodlum returns from retirement following a traumatic event. By Gerry Duggan.
    • Deadly Class: Murder high school series running since 2014. Recommended to fans of shounen anime and Battle Royale.
    • Death or Glory: Stylish action comic from Rick Remender & neon-specialist Bengal.
    • Decorum: Jonathan Hickman's new stylish series about assassins keeps selling out print runs.
    • The Department of Truth: Mystery. So what if every single conspiracy theory ever, all turned out to be true all at once?
    • Die: Based on a DnD story I believe?
    • DIE!DIE!DIE! Robert Kirkman's series about a shadowy cabal who take out evil-doers.
    • Excellence: Skybound's series about a world of black magic. Colourful action title.
    • Exorsisters: They're sisters, doing exorcisms. What did you expect from the title?!
    • Family Tree: Body horror from Phil Hester & Jeff Lemire, about a girl slowly turning into an actual tree, and a race to find a cure.
    • Farmhand: Horror/comedy about a guy growing human limbs and organs as crops. From Rob Guillory, who made Chew.
    • Fire Power: New from Chris Samnee & Robert Kirkman, set in China, about the lost art of throwing fireballs around.
    • Getting It Together: Romance/comedy starring a bunch of lost twenty-somethings in the Bay area.
    • Gideon Falls: Mystery/horror, one of Image's best current series. Andrea Sorrentino, Dave Stewart & Jeff Lemire make this.
    • The Goddamned: The Virgin Brides: 5 issue sequel to The Goddamned. Biblical noir, lots of violence.
    • Hardcore: Reloaded 5 issue sci-fi/action-series from Skybound. Sequel to Hardcore.
    • Head Lopper: Quarterly fantasy/action comic in its fourth year.
    • Heart Attack: Teen romance + superpowers by the Mortal Kombat 11 writer. Published through Skybound.
    • Hit-Girl: Season Two: Spin-off violent superhero series. Related to the Kick-Ass reboot.
    • Ice Cream Man: Episodic anthology series covering everything from horror to musical. Genre-defying comic.
    • Ice Cream Man: Quarantine Comix: Spin-off comics set in the Ice Cream Man universe, created during peak quarantine.
    • Inkblot: High fantasy epic, about time-travelling cats, wizardry, and powerful sorcery.
    • Kick-Ass vs. Hit-Girl: 5 issue cross-over between Hit-Girl and Kick-Ass.
    • Killadelphia: Supernatural horror about vampire-Founding Father John Adams. Drawn by Jason Shawn Alexander (Spawn).
    • Lazarus: Risen: Sequel to Lazarus and Lazarus X+66. Dystopian sci-fi series, acclaimed since 2013.
    • Low: Underwater sci-fi series in its last arc this year. Consistently gorgeous.
    • Man-Eaters: The girl-power comic about teen girls turning into panthers released a one-shot this year.
    • Manifest Destiny: Lewis & Clark aren't prepared for the mysteries they find in uncharted territories. 7th year of publication!
    • The Marked: Young teen influencers are secretly occult protectors, but they're starting to slack on their duties for likes & clicks.
    • Middlewest: Dark fantasy by Skottie Young & Jorge Corona. For fans of Wizard of Oz, Miyazaki films, and Don Bluth animation.
    • Monstress: Image's best fantasy series the past 5 years. Gorgeous art, bleak writing. For fans of Final Fantasy.
    • Monstress: Talk Stories: 2 issues to bridge the gap to the next Monstress arc starting January 2021.
    • Moonshine: Crime/thriller from the 100 Bullets team, set during Prohibition era. Gangsters included.

    Continued in Post #2 of this topic.
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    Default The list (part two)

    Ongoing series continued (N-Z)
    • Nailbiter Returns: Sequel to 2014's Nailbiter. 16 serial killers used to live in one town, now copycat murders occur elsewhere.
    • Nomen Omen: Urban fantasy. 22 Year old crosses between city life and fantasy worlds. Horror/witchcraft elements.
    • Oblivion Song: Mystery series, about 300,000 people who suddenly vanished into another world...? From Robert Kirkman.
    • The Old Guard Chapter Two: Force Multiplied just in time for the Netflix adaptation, a second volume of espionage/action.
    • On The Stump: What if elections were decided by hand-to-hand combat instead of voting? Find out here.
    • Outcast: Meandering horror series from Robert Kirkman launched 5 years ago, about demonic possession.
    • Postal: Deliverance sequel to Postal, about a town full of murderers & criminals hiding away from the world... and their mailman.
    • Pretty Deadly: The Rat: 3rd series in the Pretty Deadly universe. Gorgeous, violent fantasy.
    • Pretty Violent: Humorous superhero romp about an over-enthusiastic youngster killing all her enemies.
    • Protector: Sci-fi/adventure. About North-American tribes in a post-apocalyptic futuristic setting. For fans of Mad Max/Conan.
    • Rat Queens (2017): This comedic fantasy series was resurrected in 2017 after the 2013 run. DnD jokes for days.
    • Reaver: Artist of Pride of Baghdad, so of course there's more murder and violence alongside the mystery now.
    • Redneck: Successful supernatural/horror series about vampires running a brisket joint in Texas. Runs since 2017.
    • Savage Dragon: Erik Larsen's 1993 comic spans 250+ issues. It's currently on another creative high point.
    • The Scumbag: Comedy/spy series with a new artist every issue, big names attached to this project.
    • Sea of Stars: Sci-fi about space truckers.
    • Seven To Eternity: Begins its last arc in November 2020.
    • Sex Criminals: Comedy/romance. Last year of Matt Fraction & Chip Zdarsky's acclaimed bank robbery/healthy relationship comic.
    • SFSX (Safe Sex): Romance series set in a club for kinksters & bondage. Jen Hickman is the current artist on this.
    • Sonata: Fantasy/sci-fi. A planet with 2 factions, both believing it to be Paradise go to war and awaken sleeping gods.
    • Spawn: Todd McFarlane's 1992 comic passed the 300 issue mark last year and continues to be a best-seller for Image.
    • Stillwater: A town where nobody dies. That'll cause zero long-term problems... Chip Zdarsky writes this for Skybound.
    • Tartarus: Sci-fi/adventure about a young cadet, the child of an intergalactic warlord, framed for a crime.
    • That Texas Blood: Dark, neo-western. For fans of No Country For Old Men.
    • Trees: Three Fates is the third (and final?) Trees series. Slowburn mystery/sci-fi by Warren Ellis & Jason Howard.
    • Undiscovered Country: America has been walled off for 100 years, explorers discover what happened there. Snyder & Soule.
    • Unearth: Flesh-eating bacteria outbreak in a Mexican town, with a supernatural twist, from Cullen Bunn.
    • The Walking Dead Deluxe: The entire Walking Dead series all over again, but now in colour and with added notes from Kirkman.

    Limited series & one-shots (#-M)
    • All-American Comix: As far as I can see this Joe Casey/Dustin Nguyen collaboration only released one issue this year.
    • Bliss: 8 issue series from the Coyotes team. A guy agrees to become the personal hitman for 3 gods to save his kid's life.
    • The Clock: 4 issue series about a sudden aggressive cancer pandemic, and its lead-up to possible WW3. Welp, this aged well.
    • Commanders In Crisis: 12 issue superhero/action thriller, in the vein of Doom Patrol and Thunderbolts.
    • Dead Body Road: Bad Blood: 6 issue crime series, sequel to Dead Body Road. Revenge story from Skybound.
    • Hedra: One-issue sci-fi comic, gorgeous minimalist artwork.
    • Lost Soldiers: 5 issue war/ptsd series from Ales Kot. About 3 Vietnam veterans on collision course 40 years later.
    • Lucy Claire: Redemption: 5 issues about a fallen hero taking up her old mantle to face a new foe. By Roc Upchurch.
    • The Ludocrats: 5 issue comedy/fantasy/sci-fi mixture of Asterix and Dune.
    • Mercy: 6 issue Victorian gothic horror series from the creator of Unnatural. For fans of Crimson Peak, and Penny Dreadful.
    • Olympia: 5 issue meta-narrative about a comic hero coming to life.
    • Outer Darkness/Chew: 3 issue cross-over between the comedy/horror series Chew and sci-fi romp Outer Darkness.
    • Stealth: 6 issue superhero/action series set in crime-ridden Detroit. This is one for Black Panther/Iron Man/Batman fans.

    Graphic novels, etc. (#-M)
    • 920London: Graphic novel about a romance of two emo, anthropomorphic teens?
    • Blue In Green: Graphic novel. About artists and their self-destructive perfectionism.
    • Bog Bodies: Graphic novel. Crime/gangster story set in Ireland after a job gone wrong. From Declan Shalvey.
    • Dracula, Motherf*cker!: Alex de Campi's graphic novel about psychological horror and a vampire in Los Angeles.
    • Norroway Book Two: The Queen on the High Mountain sequel to Norroway Book One. Fantasy, trolls, and destinies.
    • November: Crime series of 4 graphic novels by Matt Fraction & Elsa Charretier. One night, one city, three women; four books.
    • Paul Is Dead: Graphic novel about The Beatles, where McCartney dies instead of Lennon.
    • Planet Paradise: Graphic novel. Crash landing on an alien planet, this vacation-gone-wrong has killer lizards & bureaucrats.
    • Pulp: Graphic novel from Brubaker & Phillips, about a pulp novelist suddenly faced by his own creations.
    • Stairway Anthology: Collection of hard sci-fi stories from a whole range of upcoming talents.
    • Swing: Romance about poly-amorous relationships. A spin-off of Sunstone. For mature audiences.
    • Unpresidented: Hardcover collection of political cartoons, mostly about Trump.

    Hope this is useful to a few of you, whether it's to find a new series to try, or just as a reference for anything that's currently not being published. This list is more or less accurate until November 2020; delays not withstanding.
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    Adventureman and That Texas Blood are only a few issues in but they’re really strong books and are great additions to my pull list.

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    I bet you have a lot of time on your hand

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    Quote Originally Posted by fin5 View Post
    I bet you have a lot of time on your hand
    Right now, don't we all?
    You are my favorite thing, Peter. My very favorite thing.

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    No doubt about it, this was certainly a non-essential quarantine pastime.
    Have altered the list slightly to separate out the limited series and graphic novels. It'll never be perfect, since series like November and Swing fit several categories. But I suppose that's deserved for trying to fit everything into boxes.
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