Okay, using your first and last names only (i.e. if your name is "John Edward Clark Brown", you get the names "John" and "Brown"), you get to pick five characters from fiction to make up your composite.

The five characters must each have either the same first or last name as you.

You can then merge those characters into one being to create your composite.

I'll set some vague limits to avoid omnipotent characters being created.

Each individual character chosen:
- Must be physically inferior to post-crisis Superman.
- Must be less magically powerful than current Doctor Strange.
- Must be telepathically inferior to Professor X.
- Must have inferior reality-warping to Scarlet Witch.

To give you something to aim to beat, here's a quick attempt based on my name ("Kevin Stewart"). My composite being will have the powers of:
- Kevin Green (Prime from the Ultraverse). Basically a flying Hulk.
- John Stewart (DC Comics). A Green Lantern.
- Stanley Stewart (Earth-712's Whizzer). Super-speed.
- Kevin Connor (Marvel). A Star Brand wielder - superhuman attributes and massive energy manipulation abilities.
- Kevin MacTaggert (Marvel's Proteus). An energy being with psionic powers and line-of-sight reality-warping abilities.

If you don't want to give your real name away, you're free to leave!