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    Default Question about Manga lounge

    I'm was wonder why the manga/anime lounge is a sticky post under Independent comics rather than being it's own section? is there any particular reason for or rationale behind that? iunno it seems kinda weird to be, like surely that would make more sense in terms of directing more engagement toward topics people would be looking to talk about than a Hellboy forum; not a knock on Hellboy. I mean Shonen Jump/Shueisha isn't exactly a "smaller" publisher, which is what the Independent section is for, right? not trying to step on any toes ya know, it was just something that struck me as odd.
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    We used to have an Anime/Manga board but the levels of traffic it received was low, meaning it was folded away.
    At the moment we don't see that current traffic warrants bringing it out of mothballs.
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