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Thread: Marauders #11

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    Its not minutes. Kurt and Scott have two separate conversations. Melody saying "Im back" is not evidence that she remembers her death. Anyone going through the Crucible is going to be backed up right before that happens so their memories are going to be the most current bc Xavier knows they are about to die (assuming they complete it). The Crucible is a special case for that reason. No other mutant resurrection will have memories as recent as this bc deaths are largely random and can fall anywhere between the 1 week backup

    Xavier's mind is constantly linked to Cerebro so if there is anyone that is going to have always recent memories, its going to be him. He doesnt have to go out of his way to back up an external person as he does with others bc his mind is already connected. We already knew there were multiple copies of the data bc the scan I posted says so. There's multiple cradles across the world where the copies are placed so destroying one Cerebro doesnt get rid of it
    Scott's last words before her death were 'Yeah like I said....'

    When she resurrects he continues 'we're going to have a problem' Which is in response to Kurt saying mutants may want to resurrect with more than their own power. Kurt takes over the conversation when she resurrects .'How do you accurately describe it? Miraculous? Glorious? Wrong?'

    Scott continues saying 'All I know is you've convinced me. You're do have questions'

    Now you say it is not one conversation.I say it is .How can it not be? The crucible is one event, It does not make sense for her to die and wait two days to see her rise and critically gather everyone just to see her thank Apocalypse after two days have passed.' Her words are contiguous to all events .She even says 'I...I'm back.I'm whole.Thank you ' the pause is about the wonder of her coming back, in response to Apocalypse's 'Accept this gift,you've earned it'..As a krakoan watching the spectacle it just doesn't make sense at all for this not to be minutes apart.

    All that aside since Crucible is such a big deal it is the only conceivable option that her memory is just minutes old.Imagine Guthries asking her how it felt dying or fighting Apocalypse and she draws a blank,or mumbles something like 'Did I really fight him? I don't remember the killing blow, all I remember is waking up'

    Well technology is technology, my argument is the updates are immediate and contemporaneous ,that is my argument.He may copy the main Cerebro to the rest in case of a crisis, but they must be linked with at least one being updated by the other in real time.I'm not talking of all 5 cerebros but one on Xavier and at least one of the other 4 ,while this is not on panel, it would explain why X can speak to the media soon after the assasination.If he had no idea he was killed and the cerebro on his head is damaged, AND that data wasn't recorded on another cerebro,he would not know what to say.He has to get current information from another Cerebro to resurrect without missing time. To say Jean told him what happened is absurd.He had an idea on this whole information synthesis and he is depending on second hand accounts?
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