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    Why don't writers want to use them anymore? Because they gutted their characters when they changed them from mutants and took away their family ties. The Magneto family was probably the best family in marvel comics as far as story and drama. You just need to read more of the characters and not just the last decade where they have been shit on.
    Them not wanting to use Wanda happened well before she was retconned away from being a mutant and Mags' kid. She spent 7 years out of comics between HoM and UA. Only making brief appearances in CC and AvX that weren't really focused on her. She was then killed off in UA, and gone for another 6 months. All of that was well before the retcon. Mags wasn't a presence in her life well before he took her away in AD. He'd come around on a rare occasion, manipulate her or try to and then leave. Her best family were the Maximoffs that raised her.
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    From purely a writing standpoint, I would have to say that any movie generated synergy which directly conflicts with previous canon probably has to be considered bad writing UNLESS they can explain the change.

    That said, there are times I actually do like the synergy based changes even if I recognize that it doesn't quite line up with continuity. It sort of depends I guess.
    It depends but your first point is critical.

    Going back to Shuri, the change to the character is so drastic and came out of nowhere because of the movie. If there was going to be a change to Shuri, it should have been less drastic and far slower.
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    DAnge. Didn't realize my thread had generated so much response

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