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    Quote Originally Posted by GodfatherIV View Post
    It would be best if Leah left that whole bs development of Prodigy in Young Avengers alone and never discussed it again. It was bad and ooc almost as bad as the art for this book
    Well,, he was already mentioned as a bisexual in the first issue, so that's a no. Nevertheless, if I remember correctly, Prodigy's power is going to be a huge plot point at some point, heheh.

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    Daken cannot and will not be slut shamed. I say good for him!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Fokken View Post
    Its very possible they've opted to withhold a page, leaving a gap between what we're seeing.

    The inconsistency of writers referring to his powers as reality warping (Hi Franklin Richards) vs magic (Hi Wanda) is a recurring annoyance.
    The problem is that very advanced reality warping and very advanced magic often overlap and whatever Wiccan is, he is very advanced. Personally I see it as reality warping contextualized in the form of magic, just like Proteus has "psionic reality warping", Monarch has "quantum reality warping" and Franklin has "universal reality warping".

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    Quote Originally Posted by danielsan52 View Post
    Thatís like most comic art.
    maybe the weaker artists but the better ones are able to differentiate the characters with their style. Dautermann is a great example of that. Yu's not the best artist but at least all his characters dont largely have the same face

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    Quote Originally Posted by Glio View Post
    Emma also mistook Cloak and Dagger for mutants, let's just say she doesn't have a very good eye for that.
    Well at the time, they we're mutants. Only written out to get rid of Cloak's teleportation ability.

    I think when they popped up again they were said to be mutants again. (I think)
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    I love this!!!

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