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    Default That's all, Folks. I'm calling it a day.

    That’s it, folks. I’m out.
    I’m retiring from these forums after what has been a surprisingly long run.

    Why? Oh, there’s a number of reasons but none in particular are a primary cause. I’ve been here as a volunteer helping to run things for over twenty years, so I think I’ve done my time. Life is busier than ever; my day job is long hours and quite stressful at times (especially since my home city of Melbourne is in total lockdown and I’m working from home), I’m married now and would like to donate more time to my wife, etc.

    And now I get to be a bit self-indulgent.
    I first encountered CBR back in 1997 and I still remember the CBR Chat Room with folks such as Silver Lantern and Hairbutt the Hippo. The chat had this weird filter so certain cuss words were changed to less offensive ones … fudge.
    Not long after, during the craziness that was the Hal/Kyle Green Lantern nonsense, I put my hand up to be moderator of the Green Lantern Board (taking over from G’nort) – and Jonah gave me the nod. That was fun, let me tell you - but I apparently did a good job as when the ‘Super Moderator’ roles were created Jonah promoted me.
    According to the Wayback Machine, the GL Board looked like:
    I still love that word balloon background image.

    At some point, and I don’t remember the year, I brought over the Comic Book Rumbles Board and it’s cohort of posters from its going-defunct-home to CBR. Yes, it’s my fault.

    I don’t know what year, though definitely no later than 2002, but I was soon made an Administrator of the forums. Did you know that in the early 2000’s CBR had its own radio station? Every song had a superhero theme/link to it. Good times. Some creators recorded promo lines for it.

    If you want a measure of how long ago that was, in 2002 these were the Forum Moderators:

    Alistair, Arune Singh, Augie De Blieck Jr., Azangel, Blue Beetle, Captain Jim, DarkBlade, Expletive Deleted, FlameStar, Free Lance 2.0, Gail, Greg Hatcher, Hairbutt, Jade69/Legolady, JustinD, knightsky, Mac Danny, MacQuarrie, ManchesterTrix, Matt Fraction, Mike Smash!, MMagrane, OzBat!, Papergirl, Plan9, RichJohnston, Scott Shaw!, See No Evil, Silver Lantern, Sir Tim Drake, Steve Pitts, Steven Grant, Stony, Tynne Fanel.

    The Super Moderators were;
    Buried Alien, Conn Seanery, T’Omm

    The Administrators were;
    Jonah Weiland, Matt

    A lot of names there I fondly remember, many who I’ve sadly lost track of over time. More sadly, some who have even passed on from this world and I still miss talking to.

    I remember going from CBR’s custom forum system (that simply couldn’t handle the volume of traffic it was getting and would crash all the time) to the Vbulletin software that we still use to this day. Essentially Jonah’s server people installed Vbulletin and the rest? Basically, that was me.
    I set up:
    Each and every forum, including the forum hierarchy (yes, even those forum descriptions).
    Every user group and their permissions (including what Vbulletin options were available to which group, which we could and couldn’t use, what each group can and can’t do/see, etc).
    The avatar system. Those avatars you can have on your profiles without uploading your own? I made hundreds of those. And I made them AGAIN when we upped the default avatar image size.
    The Forum Q&A/ User guide – laying out forum member expectations, the basis of what we use to this day.
    The Moderators Guide. Written from scratch, just like the user guide, to help new Mods find their feet and get their heads around the way Vbulletin works. I wrote a few versions of this.
    The general protocols for how the forums work (that’s complicated and vague but I don’t want to go into the details here).

    I still remember arguing with Jonah when he decided we needed to make the change to Vbulletin. I didn’t think it would work (going from a tree based forum format to a more linear one) but I was wrong. I almost quit over that, glad I didn’t. I should make it clear that Jonah was awesome to work with, he’d send postcards and gift packs out at least once a year as a thankyou (including a CBR “Comics Don’t Suck” T-shirt that I loved). He was always open to ideas and even if he didn’t like an idea, he’d always discuss it openly and fairly.

    I was proud when in 2014 Jonah made the call to wipe the Forums and start over, looking to forge a far more positive discussion of comics and pop culture. I believe it helped this community a great deal, allowing people to enjoy comics more rather than have to endure the bleating of people who simply wanted to ruin the good times of others. The move set a precedent and a philosophy that is healthy for fans and should be taken up by more places, I’m glad these Forums continue it still.

    The sale of CBR to its current owners was a shock, let me tell you. That was a crazy time.

    Anyhow, I hope that I’ve been able to do my part in building and maintaining a constructive comic book fan community here. I hope that, even if you didn’t always agree with my admin decisions, you at least understood why I made them. I hope I’ve been able to provide you all with an online comic book home where you’ve been able to feel safe, comfortable and welcome.

    If you ever want to catch up, feel free to find me on platforms such as Twitter (I tend to use the moniker @matt_of_geek ). I may pop back here occasionally but it won’t be very regular at all, there’s a time to move on after all.

    Good luck to you all. Keep reading and enjoying comics!
    "Let me guess. My theories appall you, my heresies outrage you, I never answer letters, and you don't like my tie!"
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    Enjoy your retirement, Matt. As someone who has modded boards in the past (on other forums) I know how tiring it can be.

    Thanks for all the work you've done here!

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    Matt...or "Hal," I as called you back in the day. We haven't talked much in recent years, but I do fondly remember the days when we were the "Barry Allen and Hal Jordan" of the CBR Chat Room. It's going to be weird not having your Parallax-like omnipresence around here. Will you stick around as a member?

    Buried Alien (The Fastest Post Alive!)
    Buried Alien - THE FASTEST POST ALIVE!

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    Only 20 years, Matt? Slacker.

    Seriously, thank you for your service. CBR has benefited immeasurably from your efforts.

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    I'm not as familiar with a lot of the history or names involved with CBR, but thank you for all that you've done. It's appreciated and we need to say that more often. Thank you, Matt.

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    Cheers for the hard work and time! Enjoy your retirement!

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    Cheers from a fellow Aussie and thanks for all your hard work over the years. I remember a lot of the names you mentioned above from the pre-reboot era. Hope you enjoy your CBR retirement!
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    Quote Originally Posted by StormDisciple View Post
    Y’all don’t like anything, let me leave and enjoy what I was given.

    Quote Originally Posted by CoCoBandz View Post
    And no thank you to the dusty mansion and perpetual extinction status quo.

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    Wow.....the old order changeth a little. I've probably been here for most of that. I still wish I could get my post count back to where it accounted for the old days too

    I remember how there used to be a lot more participation from the professionals, or professionals in waiting like Gail Simone. But now with Twitter, etc they have their own platforms.

    I remember how the posts looked, with replies displayed in a weird, staggered way like stair steps. That got really unwieldy with a thread with many replies.

    Thank you for all the work you put in to the place. Thanks for keeping the place sane and mostly free of bad elements. As a female fan, which used to be a real rarity, it matters a lot to me. It's the only comic based forum I go to and there's not that many of those left.

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    Hope you enjoy your CBR mod staff retirement, Matt.

    It's a weird mix of things. Your mod-sense will activate from time to time when reading the forum, but then you'll remember that it's not your problem anymore.

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    It'll be weird not seeing you around, happy trails!

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    Quote Originally Posted by thwhtGuardian View Post
    It'll be weird not seeing you around, happy trails!
    Man, it actually will.

    Feels like Van Halen should be singing "Happy Trails".

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    Wow, that was a real history lesson. Best wishes on your retirement Matt and thank you for all your hard work.
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    Matt, hairybutt must have butted you with his you-know-what given his moniker over some issues and buried alien must have to be unearthed each time for him to be reached. Ha! Ha!
    Seriously though good show! Luck on your future plans.

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    Just saw this , sorry to see you go. I been on the forums as a member since 2002 so I have seen some of the changes. Wasn't here for the Green Lantern forums. But yeah congratulations on 22 years as a Moderator.
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    September 2021 was a hard month. 1st Norm McDonald died and then we learned Disney is ruining Indiana Jones in 2022. Just a hard month to take. Hopefully the film tanks.

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    So long and thanks for being a great person.

    "Always listen to the crazy scientist with a weird van or armful of blueprints and diagrams." -- Vibranium

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