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    Default Finding a reliable flatter...?

    Hey CBR folks,

    I’ve almost finished the line art for Book II in my DragonStar Chronicles series (published by Markosia - there’s a sample of what I’m doing below), and I’m thinking of hiring a flatter for the second installment. I haven’t done this before, so I’m wondering if anyone has any tips for finding a reliable flatter, someone who won’t upload all my hi-res files to

    I understand there’s no such thing as perfect security in the digital realm, but maybe there are some strategies to minimize the risks? Hope you can help…



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    Gustavo Gimenez


    Just saw your post and wanted to let you now that I´m available for flatting.
    I have been doing flats for colorists at Marvel, BOOM! Studios, Zenescope and Avatar
    among others (more than 300 pages counting sequentials and covers)
    Names like Erick Arciniega, Jesus Aburtov, Marte Gracia, Juan Manuel Rodríguez, Gabriel Cassata, José Antonio López, Brian Allen
    among many others are some of the colorists I have been doing flats for.
    I have never posted or shared anything withour previous permission from the author/s or artists to do so.
    In many cases, it happens due to NDA agreements and stuff like that, so you can be sure you won´t see anything posted or shared anywhere from my side
    in case we get to work together, unless you specifically allow me to do so.
    You can arrange such a NDA agreement for the flatter avoiding him/her to do such thing or just trust on your flatter´s working ethics
    So, being said that, I invite you to check some of flatting jobs on my DA page or my FB page
    You can mail me for further details at
    I really hope we can get to work together!
    Thank you for your time
    Gustavo Giménez
    Comics flatter and colorist
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