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    Default Describe Your Team

    Use this random noun generator, which is set to a default of four nouns:

    Those four nouns are the names of your new black ops team or super team. Describe each team member. For a real challenge, try to use the first four that you get.

    I got: Carry, Scholar, Squirrel, Vision

    Carry - Former competitive weightlifter, still able to clean and jerk 200 kg. She is also an expert at handling demolitions and served in the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.

    Scholar - Fluent in multiple languages, Scholar has friends in low places in a variety of hot spots around the world. His teammates suspect that he is former or even current CIA, and he calls the shots on the missions.

    Squirrel - Although he calls himself a procurement specialist, Squirrel is a career criminal who has been in and out of Fort Leavenworth multiple times. His skill set includes hacking, surveillance, lockpicking, sleight of hand tricks, and forgery.

    Vision - Deadly sniper who likes to customize his rifles.

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    Jelly: The munitions and explosives expert of the team, Jelly has an array of options for making things suddenly and conveniently disappear in a cloud of smoke. I really don’t think you’re ready for this Jelly.

    Lathe: Able to cut you down in an instant, the sniper of the team revels in simply using a spinning barrel of hot metal; albeit one fired at 3000 feet per second; to cut away rough edges smoothly and efficiently.

    Pace: A specialist in comms, surveillance, lock-picking and transportation, Pace will either get you to hear or he’ll get you to there. Either way, it’ll be fast. No messing.

    Satisfaction: Always liking it up close and personal, the deadly Satisfaction’s mastery of all types of blades means she’s the one to call if you need someone taking out silently. She’s unlikely to challenge you to a fair duel, but nevertheless she always demands satisfaction.

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    Missile - Essentially a human missile.
    Murder - Guy in a reaper slasher theme.
    Postfix - ?

    The first two seem self explanatory.
    I honestly never heard the word Postfix?
    I guess he can go around making bad puns off "fixing" other characters.
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    I dunno, this sounds more like a wacky heist-movie crime team to me.

    Accord -- the face, the guy with the plan who makes all the deals
    Hay -- While he LOOKS like a bumbling yokel just off the farm, he's secretly the gadget guy and a super genius.
    Mutt -- He's the muscle. He may not be pretty but he's tough and loyal, like his namesake.
    Product -- The Stealth expert, his name comes from all the gizmos he has to do the subtle infiltrations.
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    Fund - the leader and founder of the team, a billionaire. Her great wealth has created the team, and provided all the nessisary equipment and bases.
    Jumpsuit- has a mechanized suit allowing him to have super human stats particularly rocket enhanced jumps.
    Laugh - a telepath capable of making people fall into irrational laughter.
    Past - a time traveler who summons things from the past to use in combat. Everything from a charging wooly rhino to a volley of arrows from Agincourt.

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    This is what I got my first time clicking so went w. it...:

    Gamma Ray - Can produce every stage of a nuclear explosion at Will. Flashes of light 1000x brighter than lightning, heat radiation that can be felt 8.68 miles away, x-ray pulses lethal up to ray pulses are lethal up to 1.86 miles away, a fireball that can turn a person to ash up to 6.2 miles away, a spreading wave of radiation than can reach up to 9.3 miles. Physically, is a man in his mid twenties who engages in intense regular exercise. Has no memory of his life prior to waking up in and escaping from govt. custody already in possession of his powers.

    Pursuit - Can locate and track any type of object or life form, even across light years of distance and through interstellar space. Physically, is a man in his early thirties who engages in moderate regular exercise. Owned a food truck and was an accomplished chef prior to receiving his powers.

    Satin - Can manipulate any sort of material (cotton, plastic, leather, wool, etc.) or type, and textiles/cloth, a flexible material consisting of a network of natural or artificial fibres formed by weaving, knitting, crocheting, knotting, or felting. Physically, is a man in his nineties who isn’t too old to kick your ass, so show some respect. Is a retired tailor who’s power is an inherited family trait.

    Understatement - Can absorb any other superpower regardless of origin, via physical contact, but only at half that of the person who’s powers are being absorbed. The person being absorbed retains their full power during this process. Effects last 30 minutes. Physically, is a woman in her late thirties who engages in intense regular exercise. She also has Emergency medical technician training acquired prior to receiving her powers.

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    Pathogenesis: A Doctor with the power to create, control, and manipulate diseases. At times on the verge of a nervous breakdown from the stress induced by having such an ability.
    Snowman: A Meteorologist with the ability to predict (innately) and control the weather. Has a fondness for winter, actually more like an obsession.
    Tonic: A Pharmacist with the power to induce feelings of well-being as well as the power to invigorate or energize a person. Also has a drinking problem.
    Washtub: A Fashion Designer with the power to control dirt and other stain causing substances. Has Automysophobia, fear of being dirty. However, even seeing others wearing dirty clothes can set him off.

    Are they heroes? Are they villains? Are they in serious need of therapy?
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    Dilapidation: Homeless Bum with the power to bring anything to ruin. Machines break, materials decay, food rots. Can also ruin more metaphysical concepts like ideas, plans, relationships. Lives in a broken box on the side a very under repaired road.
    Establishment: Businessman who can create hive minds from any number of living things and exercise absolute control over them through verbal or mental command. Runs a successful multi billion dollor enterprise.
    Industrialisation: Engineer with a photographic memory that can build anything, and imprint that knowledge to anyone with a conscious mind so they can do so as well. Operates the factories and tech companies under Establishment.
    Violation: Lady thief with the ability to ignore any law that would directly affect her. This ranges from the mundane laws of man to the cosmic laws of the universe itself. Humans observing her breaking a law will be unable to act in opposition, as it simply doesn't register as wrong even if it should be. Because the law of gravity cannot act upon her she is free to move however she wishes, and so on.

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    Appetiser - She's beautiful, sexy, brilliant and entices you to want more. She's a face of the operation, clearly.

    Consent - He's a master ninja who's job it is to kill anyone who is too forward with Appetiser without her... consent.

    Graph - Our Overwatch, our person-at-HQ. Sits in front of a bunch of screens that somehow have multi-angle video from... sources... of everything we needs to see on any mission. Performs huge amounts of complicated statistical analysis because... it always sounds super important during strategy meetings.

    Obstacle - Our specialist at interfering in anything we don't want to work, allowing us freedom. And expert at adding dozens of bureaucratic steps to anything that needs to be accomplished. You need a lightbulb changed? Obstacle will ensure that you die of old age before it happens.
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    Oh my god...

    Berry - Red skin. Likes to spread his seed. Suave. Probably a spy type.
    Installation - The gadget genius. Puts all the required tech in place.
    Omelet - Fat and simple. The muscle.
    Representation - A token character covering every minority, in order to be PC in the modern world. A gender-neutral, LGBTQ, Muslim etc etc. Probably brilliant at everything - an all-rounder.

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    Coevolution - A Chilean mutant man with the ability to manipulate the powers of other mutants simply by being near enough to them.
    Earth - An alien jettisoned from a dying world who, upon landing on Earth, discovers her unique ability to control the nature of her new home.
    Lark - A Sudanese mutant adolescent who resembles a bird with wings for flight and a sonic scream ability.
    Pinworm - A world-renowned infectious disease expert who created wearable armor stocked with guns that don't kill but do incapacitate by instantly rendering people violently ill upon contact with the fired projectile.

    Together, they fight injustice!
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    Super team:

    Worth: Team Leader, reality field getting to decide the power levels are f himself, team mates and others in his influence, auto shield style reflex applied as it is a constant thing.

    Trinket: Iron Man and Green Lantern fused. She pulls out her lucky charm, various plot device items infused to it for magic armors.

    Self: A mental energy being who reforms based on will power to point of remolding flesh and blood. Makes new bodies and decides their function each time.

    Mutt: Big, mean foul mouth bruiser who is handy in a fight and does fight dirty. Lots of fighting styles, in synchronized with worth well as he easily becomes a meta threat that way. On his own is akin to Captain America piloted by a psycho Batman.

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    Armament - Team leader and "handler", Armament has no power other than having jurisdiction over any and every form of military organization. The only caveat to his authority is that he cannot make any long-lasting decisions as he can only maintain it while in the presence of those he seeks to command. He personally prefers not to utilize this power unless completely necessary and would rather rely on his team (or rather everyone that isn't Providence).

    Wind-Chime - A former assassin, Wind-Chime has the ability to turn into the very wind itself, slipping through otherwise impossible obstructions with ease. Her namesake comes from the soft, wind-chime like sounds that are audible when she materializes back into solid form. While neither leader nor powerhouse, Wind-Chime acts as the team's main operative and before Hurry's induction into the team, the only operative.

    Hurry - The emotional heart of the team, Hurry is relatively newb to special ops, what she lacks in experience, she makes up for in willpower and spunk. Like her namesake suggests, Hurry's powers manifest in accordance to her urgency, making her extremely powerful in the most dire of situations. While the trigger to her powers is known, her powers themselves have not yet been clearly defined, as they seem to vary depending on the context of the situation.

    Providence - The nuclear option, Providence was a nobody who was granted power and the protection of a god. Unfortunately, this god is the uncaring eldritch being from the cosmos variety and Providence's every move seems to be in accordance with some terrible ritual. Normally, he is not included in the team, but when a world-ending threat approaches and Armament is forced to seek him out, the eldritch being puts aside its plans to ensure there is a world for it to eventually devour.

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    APPROVAL - Has the ability to make things work or fail according to his verbal approval.
    Flaw: He can't make something work/fail if he can't speak it within earshot.
    BUTTER - She is a semi solid emulsion that can get into and out of nearly any situation. "smooth as butta"
    Flaw: She can still be contained in something without holes/vents, not extremely strong.
    PREMEDITATION - the leader. What he plans comes to pass. He's not perfect but DARN near. Once he plans out a situation, it flows as exact as possible.
    Flaw: Problems can still come up if he didn't expect it or plan it out.
    PROFESSION - she is the best of the best at practically everything. (think of Taskmaster but her skills don't leave once she's learned it)
    Flaw: She's not omniscient. Only skilled in what she's learned.
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    My first four:




    FISTING? Ohhhhhh myyyyyyyyyyyyy... What the heck, random noun generator?!! At least buy me dinner first! Also, if I may be a little nitpicky here... 'fisting' isn't really considered a noun.


    Carrier-- She is able to access hammerspace and store as well as retrieve any objects almost instantly. However, nothing living can be placed or retrieved.

    Casserole-- This hulking mass of congealed real imitation food products emerged from a food processing facility. It can regenerate indefinitely, feed others, reconfigure itself to cause food poisoning, and basically be like Stouffer's clayface with its weird flexibility and durability.

    *sigh* ...Fisting... Oh, Fisting... what ever shall we do with you?-- With the power to call forth disembodied hands which primarily pummel opponents, he chose the name 'Fisty' (admittedly not a whole lot better), but the reporters misheard him and now everyone thinks he uses his powers for... ...alternate... functions. Exceedingly useful against squeamish and prudish villains.

    Tempo-- While she can't travel through time or bring it to a full stop, she can slow or speed it up at will, potentially to a global scale if she can focus enough and muster her powers to maximum effect.


    Alternate, because, y'know... The 'Fisting' solo series didn't test well outside... certain... groups: Legacy-- Legacy can revive any deceased figure to continue a task or assist him and the team.

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