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    Quote Originally Posted by Mr_E_88 View Post
    Hi guys

    I'm going to be blunt with this question:

    In 2019, Did X-Man commit mutant genocide?

    And why did he do that and what goal did it achieve?
    The x-men committed genocide not x-man

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    I never read the AoXM Omega issue, did Legion also stay in that reality?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dante Milton View Post
    I never read the AoXM Omega issue, did Legion also stay in that reality?
    He wasnt in that issue

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    Quote Originally Posted by anyajenkins View Post
    Marvel already has kid cable, no room for alt reality kid cable. I didn’t read age of x, did he die? Stay in the fake reality?
    I think they deliberately got rid of Old Man Cable and Nate Grey and went with Kid Cable in order to (in the publisher's view at least) clean up that mess. Some would argue they muddied the waters and made it all worse with the introduction of Kid Cable but I don't know about that. I didn't like the idea at first but honestly, the kid's growing on me, really liking the new series.

    But back to the point (points?) at hand:

    1. Did Nate commit Genocide? I'd say no.

    2. If he did, he's not alone right? Bishop, Beast & Jean have done it.

    Yeah when you point that out I start to think that maybe the X in X-Men stands for 'extermination'.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Fokken View Post
    Xavier midlife crisis-ing with his "I feel yummy" black unitard and fancy new head porsche.
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    Jason Aaron is a hack who's been writing her as hulk but tits in avengers, and now everyone has to work around that.

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