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    Quote Originally Posted by Stanlos View Post
    Oooooooooooooooooooo it is the Justice League Super Son's guy! Making the suit like latex in sheen add this potent combination of confidence and sexiness
    Jimenez has been on fire this past year

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    Quote Originally Posted by charliehustle415 View Post
    Jimenez has been on fire this past year
    Jiminez is great. Super Sons was my introduction to his work. I really liked most of that book. Best thing about it was the banter between Damian and Jon.

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    Quote Originally Posted by WonderNight View Post
    Because with Grayson dick's sandbox was the whole dcu, but with nightwing his sandbox is just batman.
    They also got very lucky that the "amnesiac Bruce" plot hit when it did - with the early issues of "Grayson", there were still rumblings about how it was a mission that Bruce had sent him on, and that Dick wants to leave early on but Bruce talks him into sticking with.

    Then Bruce was taken entirely off the table for the second half of the run, and Dicks running his own game.

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