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    Quote Originally Posted by Frontier View Post
    In comes Valentine's Day where MJ, Gwen, Felicia, Liz, and Deb all tear you apart for maxing them all out on Romance .
    Hopefully Robbie can get then to forgive him
    "Wow. You made Spider-Man sad, congratulations. I stabbed The Hulk last week"
    Wolverine, Venom Annual # 1 (2018)
    Nobody does it better by Jeff Loveness

    "I am Thou, Thou Art I"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dzika_Sowa View Post
    And now, I want a Spider-Man game with Persona 5 confidant system. Just imagine how the story can progress in different routes, depending on Your choices or people that You befriended
    That would be cool. I could see it kind of like Telltale Games' Batman, where a lot of the story was dependent on the choices the player made as Bruce Wayne and as Batman, though I think it would be a somewhat better format for Spider-Man, as a huge crux of his character is the unintended consequences of what he does or chooses to do in either or both his identities.
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    My Predictions for #850 and the next few issues.
    1. At some point Norman will turn on Peter
    2. Peter will get the crap kicked out of him by Kindred
    3. Doctor Strange will transport himself,Peter and Gog and or Boomerang to hell to take the fight to Kindred
    4. Someone close to Peter will die
    5. Gog sacrifices himself for Peter and we get a touching moment of Peter cradling a mortally wounded Gog
    6. Some kind of change in Peter and Boomerangs relationship

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    Quote Originally Posted by PCN24454 View Post
    Don't forget Betty and Cissy!
    But all hell really breaks loose when the Venom Symbiote appears.

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