DC's Dark Multiverse is supposed to be filled with nightmare versions of all the characters from DC; althouhg it seems the Batmen are the most popular individuals. All of them are representations of the fears and hopes from the Multiverse (although I haven't seen any "HOPE" until now).

So, I was thinking about and interesting possible world from the Dark Multiverse. One that might represent one of Batman's fears and, at the same time, being an abomination for the rest of the Dark Multiverse. It's a world where neither Batman or Bruce Wayne ever existed, and the world has become an utopia where everyone is actually happy. This represents Batman's fear about what if everything he has done is wrong and his mere existence has brought nothing but death and disaster to everyone?

It would be an interesting world to explore, and I have a list of ideas about how this world could actually be.
+ In this world, Thomas and Martha Wayne left Gotham City, tired of living in a city of corruption and crime. They moved to Metropolis and became the richest couple of the city, taking Lex Luthor's place. Then, Lex Luthor ends up growing up in Gotham, which puts him away from Superman. Also, the Waynes didn't die, but members of the Falcone Family instead.
+ Lex Luthor becomes figure that blends with the corruption and crime of Gotham, but he takes down criminals to gain popularity and make his city work. This indirectly makes Dick Grayson's parents not being murderer; leaving Dick with a happy life in the circus.
+ The Waynes end up giving resources to the Justice League to become a team, but unlike Batman, they fully trusted them to be the heroes of Earth. Therefore, the paranoia caused by Batman and his counter plans against its members doesn't exist and they work very much efficiently as heroes.

There are more ideas, but I don't want to make this post too long. Basically, the main idea here is that, because there was never a Batman or a Bruce Wayne, the world ended up becoming a much better place. Don't you think it would be interesting to see a world like this?