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    Default Regarding Mario and Cappy

    Let's say I wanted to use Mario in a Rumble here, and possibly give him Cappy (Super Mario Odyssey).

    Does Cappy count as a powerup, or a sidekick/outside help according to the rules of Khazan?

    I ask because while he has powers that Mario can and does use in battle/in the field, Cappy IS in fact a sentient, living being (hell, he even has a sister).

    EDIT: After looking it up, I have found that Cappy would DEFINITELY count as a sidekick/outside help, since his normal form DOES have a "body" under the hat.
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    I mean, you can use him if you want. You would just have to stipulate it since he's not part of Mario's intrinsic or standard powerset.
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    Yeah. Cappyis a special ruling because he is from only 1 Mario game. And due to him being sentient and etc is a side kick, not power up or device.

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    If you were going to say "Mario with all the power ups he's had though out the games," I see no reason why that would not include Cappy. it's like saying "Spider-man with all the various power-ups he's gotten" included the alien symbite.

    If you were just going to say "Mario vs ____" then Cappy wouldn't be included as he's not a typical part of the Mario package.

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