Garou from One-Punch Man goes on a rampage in different hero-centric universes and runs some gauntlets.

In all cases, Garou will begin at the level he was at when was first introduced to the series and will grow at a similar rate providing he finds opponents worthy of challenging. He will take a day of rest before approaching his next target as he did in OPM. He is given the list, along with a basic knowledge guide on where to find these opponents.

His opponents do not know he is coming and will learn of his existence as his rampage progresses.


0) Black Widow
1) Captain America
2) Wolverine
3) Black Panther
4) Iron Fist
5) Spider-Man
6) Luke Cage
7) Iron Man
8) She Hulk
9) Hulk
10) Thor


0) Robin
1) Bronze Tiger
2) Nightwing
3) Batman
4) Lady Shiva
5) Cassandra Cain (Classic version)
6) Aquaman
7) Big Barda
8) Cyborg
9) Wonder Woman
10) Superman


0) Darkwing
1) Rex-Splode
2) The Astounding Wolf-Man
3) Titan
4) Dupli-Kate
5) The Mauler Twins
6) Tether Tyrant
7) Atom Eve
8) The Immortal
9) Tech Jacket
10) Invincible

As with his actions in OPM, Garou is unlikely to kill humans, he is more interested in beating the shit out of people to prove his dominance and make himself stronger. So this is not to the death.

How far does he get in each verse?