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    I doubled checked what this forum section said, prior to creating this thread. Namely, "Show off your creative side! Share your sketches, drawings, paintings, fan-fic, poetry...any kind of creative work. Also discuss tools, techniques, and resources related to your craft."

    It seems to encompass a pretty broad range of activity, so my "craft," in this particular instance, falls under the ambit of writing and blogs. My name is Charles, and I am trying to get back in the habit of posting to a blog that I created, last year. The blog can be found here:

    Comic book-wise, I prefer reading comic books in PDF format, these days. Of course, it helps if you actually have something to write about, and to this greater end, I would like to extend an invitation of the readers of the Comic Book Resources forum to drop me a line, via private message, if you have a comic book that you would like to submit for review. Likewise, if you have an online art gallery that you would like to submit for consideration for review, just send me a link via a PM. I can't guarantee that every submission will be reviewed, but depending upon how many or how few submissions that I receive, I would like to try and post a regular stream of reviews, if and where possible. Of course, I can't guarantee that the review will necessarily be a favorable one. It could be, or it could be critical, or even indifferent. It really just depends upon what I think of the end product in question.

    Now, I know that there are countless blogs and review sites on the Internet, these days, and the more, the better, as far as I am concerned. I know, too, that there are times when creators want a place to review their comic book creativity, but they sometimes encounter difficulty persuading someone to take a look at what they are producing and trying to bring to market. I'm open to reviewing Kickstarter project pages for comic book projects, also, if anyone is thinking about going that route for bringing their comic book creation to fruition, although I may post Kickstarter reviews to a Google+ site, rather than to the blog site

    Anyway, take a look, if and when you get the chance, if you think that it might be of interest to you.

    Oh, and that link to the Ye Old Comic Book Temple, again, is:

    I hope to see you there!
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    nice..i read some of your articles ..even gave you a google point .

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