What if all the heroes suddenly were killed in the universe say using a device that would target all the heroes weaknesses and ether imprison if it could not kill. The Ender Device, Something that analyzes, evaluates, and determines the best way to erase or kill a thing or to over come any kind of situation. I reality this Device was not created but really always had existed and has only recently become active to to an opportunity presented due to a disruption in the space time continuum. It is a fusion of alien future tech from another universe where it had cleansed all of its definition of evil was. But now nothing living has ever been or will be there ever or again. So it has decided given the opportunity with the rift to come here as it was trapped in its own universe and had no way to get to this one on it's own do to the fundamentals of this universe is very different from it's own. It has taken eons to learn this place and understand how to implement the cleansing here. But the darksied being is of great use for this as it understands the need it has and will serve as a way to further its tasks here. As whispers in the ear i will some day take and make my plans a reality of my choosing.

So in this case it uses him and destroys or kills or impressions all the heroes and a few anti heroes it sees as a problem. Some non powered and a few that are not on the radar do avoid its attentions but only if they lay low. And those are very few. Most villains live and a few even fall in line with darksaid, until the device tires of his constant attempts of control and just destroys him publicly and imposes its own will directly. Then others like Dr. Doom take up the mantles of heroes who have fallen. Doom = Iron man = Iron Doom, The goblin = Spiderman = The Goblinspider, Dr strange = Baron Mordo - Mordo Supreme, The red skull = captain america = World Protector, Sabertooth = wolverine = Razor Cat, etc What ones could you think of in this universe