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    Quote Originally Posted by matt levin View Post
    Now with issue 12, once again there's a drastic art-style change at the opening, once again reflecting a different time and situation, before mostly returning to the scary, 'old' DoT style and the (possibly) present. There's even a connection of past to present which gives an even stronger sense of how thoroughly this's put together, despite its almost aggressive disconnects here and there. I DO like this series! It keeps provoking me, and entertaining me, and leading me on, which is pretty much what I hope for in my 'serialized literature'--and this despite not particularly well-developed, or at least, not particularly much-revealed, characters, which is usually another main draw for me in most of my fiction. I'm just hoping there's enough audience for DoT that they continue on. Anyone else still with this? What do you think of it, now, eh?
    I'm still picking it up but I've fallen a couple issues behind on the reading. I'm still in with what I've red, it's just reading time has been devoted to catching up on a lot of other books I am way behind on, and I haven't kept up with some current stuff. I need to get back to this and catch up soon.

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    I'm still enjoying it a lot. I thought the premise would get tiring after a while, but it hasn't. It's just the new normal, in post-truth America.

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