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    Default Whats going on with Generation?

    Is it still going or are they just changing the story

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    Quote Originally Posted by fin5 View Post
    Is it still going or are they just changing the story
    Depends on who you ask. Originally, Generations was meant to lay out a decades long timeline that would have aged Superman, Batman, and others out of their roles, paving the way for the 5G era in which a younger, more diverse group of characters would have taken over.

    Then, Dan Didio was fired as DC's head honcho and those plans were scuttled and the 5G titles are likely going to be more self-contained.

    Much of the material that was already prepared for Generations is being repurposed for other books. For instance, Gary Frank's covers are now being used for Death Metal spin-offs. If you believe the rumors, the upcoming Generation Shattered featuring the 1939 Batman teamed up with various DC heroes from across time will also use some of that material, although Dan Jurgens has denied this.

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    John Ridley's upcoming Batman mini-series was also originally supposed to be part of Generations.

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