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Mutants lost in all of moira's past life because she kept creating self fulfilling prophecies over and over again and I think that's why she wanted no precogs. I don't think destiny told mystique to pull a cassandra nova and help the orchis bull nimrods but rather so she mystique can still one or some blueprints or something so they can use themselves against their enemies but of course its going to backfire because an a bomb is still an a bomb no matter who uses it.

Yeah and the reason is moira. In x-men #4 you could how for xavier and especially magneto it didn't really make a difference for them if precogs are allowed on the island while moira was very adamant about not resurrecting destiny. I think part of the reason for moira is also because destiny killed her and not just because she'll be able to tell krakoa is just a temporarily safe haven for mutantkind.
So what does that have to do with jumbo carnation lol