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    Default Rumbles Fight Club (sign up)

    You know how there are tournaments and stuff. I was thinking of all rumblers.

    A mini league with us vs each other (but we do not pick our own fights, random) or us vs fictional characters for the hell of it.

    How do we do tiers and power levels though?

    9 things. Three of each.

    RPG element: If win two fights, get to buy additional thing.

    To win: Post convincing strategy on why the win.

    Powerless elements.

    1: Inborn: Based off real life feats. Please no cheating. Scaled to fiction.

    2: Special/fictional/bought: Get to hijack pre existing powers/abilities from fiction. Popular not self made. Also limits, nothing wish granting/reality alter/time/mind fuckery.

    3: The most interesting. Your fellow posters, based on how they see you, vote them in. This is “Meme” power.

    Since I brought it up, go on and take pot shots at my memes. Will post what I would like tomorrow, if not bought first, or well my real life feats amped.

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    So .I had more time.

    Rules about stuff: If lose 3 times, eliminated for the season, persona with most wins is champ for the season ( and if a sequel must keep feats but buys. Hey I am including myself.)

    One on one, triangle match, teams, and group fumbles are a yes.

    As for my starter feats.


    Tough to Kill: Baby Chou, could not breath for 20 minutes at a point. It led to the brain damage, but still. That did not kill him, as a baby. And since then, got even tougher from burns, shocks, and despite impacts never broke a bone or sprain a muscle. He does not go down

    Will Power: Despite having jacked up nerves, able to muster enough self control to make +A esaus in classes where the point is to make excellent and detailed essays. In spite of jacked nerves.

    Constant Plotter: Thanks to jacked up brain always ideas. Ideas on ideas, always plotting five steps ahead despite of apparent chaotic nature.


    Eyes of the Lord: From Valkyrie Journal/Ragnaork. It’s Ultra Instinct plus Sharingan. Due to enhanced durability would last time limit wise longer than Adam did ( as he went over limit and it killed him.)

    Green Lantern Ring: Listed for reasons above.

    Karate Kid Conditioning: Val Armorr stat and skills. Not pre crisis madness but in spite of no “powers” can fight off a daxamite and has learned space king fu from the down load.

    Memes: Err. I cannot pick my memes.

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