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    Default Give Me The Lowdown on the Tim Drake Robin Comic 1993-2009

    How consistent was it from writer to writer? Do you have any favorite/least favorite moments?

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    It's got some bad spots *cough*War Games*cough* and some high points. It's a pretty good book all things considered.

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    I love it, and he's "my" Robin.

    He was basically Kid Batman but without the angst (until Identity Crisis)

    His Red Robin series was amazing, there was a lot of potential during the Morrison era of Batman (and then it was squandered with the New 52)

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    Chuck Dixon wrote the book through # 100, and for the most part those issues are consistently good. I thought he tailed off a little in the last year or so of his run but up until then itís solid.

    Jon Lewis wrote # 101-120. The less said about those issues the better.

    Bill Willingham wrote # 121-147. That run started out pretty well but then got swept up into War Games, which dramatically altered the status quo and set up a new direction that (a) wasnít particularly interesting and (b) ended on a cliffhanger that was never resolved.

    Adam Beechen wrote # 148-166 or so. His first arc is really bad. After that it improves somewhat.

    Dixon returned from # 170-174, delivering a very solid arc that felt like he didnít miss a beat from his previous run. Unfortunately he was fired from the book rather unceremoniously.

    Fabian Nicieza wrote the rest of the series through # 183. His work was solid, albeit unspectacular.
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    Dixon run is the hight point, althougth the quality dips a bit after No Man's Land.

    Lewis has a good grasp in the characther voices, but his plots were weird.

    Willingham was mostly bad, althought the Fresh Blood croosover was fun.

    Beechen first arc was awfull, the rest is between meh and ok.

    Dixon return is pretty good, shame that didn't continued.

    Nicieza was a mixed bag.
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