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    Default Toma Kamijo vs. Shirou Emiya.

    Thought this could be an interesting match up.

    The main character of A Certain Magical Index takes on the main character of Fate stay/night.

    There's only one mainline version of Toma (AFAIK) so he'll be taking on the three different Fate stay/night versions of Shirou in individual match-ups. Shirou is at his strongest during each respective route.

    Match 1: Toma vs. Shirou from the Fate route

    Match 2. Toma vs. Shirou from the Unlimited Blade Works route

    Match 3: Toma vs. Shirou from the Heaven's Feel route

    Who wins the most matches here?

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    Anyone know what happens when Imagine Breaker touches people who use magic to boost their own stats? Because Shirou does not want to get in a punching match with Touma if he isn't able to use reinforcement magic to up his own strength and durability because Touma has some degree of inexplicable superhuman strength and durability, IIRC (I'm a few years behind with To Aru Majutsu no Index).

    1) I am not sure how Imagine Breaker would really react to Avalon, though at its highest end (when it was able to deflect attacks from Magic God Othinus; I think he only dodged the beam from the Vishnu Avatar that was summoned against him rather than blocking/deflecting it, and there's nothing showing that this interpretation of Vishnu was as powerful as a Magic God) it would probably swat aside all the combined Noble Phantasms in the Nasuverse at the same time, and he has definitely just slapped his way through barriers before. I guess that I'm leaning towards him Kool-Aid-Manning his way straight through it and eventually outlasting Shirou in a straight fist fight. That said, this is probably the version of Shirou that stands the best chance due entirely to the fact that this is the only version of Shirou that carries a weapon that probably won't vanish with a touch of Imagine Breaker (the ritual dagger that Kotomine had stabbed Rin with earlier, and which Shirou subsequently shanked him with in the final battle).

    2) I mean, logically speaking, Shirou should be able to attack him from enough directions at once to overwhelm his AIM Reading and has better concrete reflex feats (deflecting a hail of swords fired at him by Archer with just melee attacks) than I remember Touma having, but Touma has somehow dealt with people that have much higher super speed than Shirou ever showed so I guess that I'm still leaning towards him. Heck, I'm not sure that Shirou can even summon Unlimited Blade Works without it getting auto-cancelled the moment it tries to engulf Touma's right hand.

    3) Nine Lives Blade Works would be a great way to counter Imagine Breaker since the sword in question is explicitly just a carved chunk of rock... except that Shirou's version uses a replica created by magic, so would probably instantly vanish the moment it touches Touma's hand and Touma's move reading will probably let him catch the first slash, which is all he needs. Kakuyoku Sanren would be a great way to get him in his blind spot as well since its fast enough and powerful enough to actually hit and fatally wound Saber Alter, but not only would that probably count as a double KO if it works since it also destroyed his brain the one time he used it (that being said, Shirou had been damaging his brain pretty heavily for days before the start of this fight), but also runs into the same problem of Touma being able to subconsciously read the movements of people/mystical phenomenon in his general vicinity and being able to erase any magical weapon with a touch.

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