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    Quote Originally Posted by Koriand'r View Post
    Back from seeing "The Woman King" this is probably a given, but every Wonder Woman fan needs to see this movie.
    That movie looks so effing good. I can't wait to see it (might have to wait 'til streaming though).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gaius View Post
    That he's never written anything that's risen above "okay, I guess" is what disqualifies him for me.

    I doubt he'd be interested in a WW solo run. Like most of the golden boys, he'll only write as part of some JL run they do where they can write her as a generic as they can and maybe a short story in some anniversary.

    I'd be slightly more forgiving of that stupid scene with Harley if there wasn't already this annoying trend of pairing the two off.
    Well, I personally enjoy his work, but I understand it might not be for everyone.

    I'm not sure if WW is a favorite of his either, although he seems to like Donna a bit judging by Dark Crisis.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Frontier View Post
    I think it's a "depends on the run" kind of thing.
    It doesn't depend on the run. It has been a consistent trait of the character since new 52, not being skilled. She has no real impressive showings of technique and combat moves for most of her appearances of the last 11 years and counting. Just like her powers nowadays, her ''amazing'' skills are pure lipservice wank that isn't supported by actual showinngs.

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    For those of you who got a spare $30,000 lying around.

    James Bond, Harry Potter, Superman, Star Wars, Wonder Woman, Batman, Bruce Lee Memorabilia to be Auctioned in London

    Wonder Woman’s (Gal Gadot) Tiara from “Wonder Woman” (2017): $17,236-22,981.

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