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    Default Thor vs Sinestro

    Thor vs Sinestro

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    Current Thor, who is all-father and who ganked the power cosmic from Galactus, casually wipes the floor with any normal version of Sinestro.

    Classic Thor ought to be able to win by having a substantial speed edge and a tool more than capable of sucking the energy out of Sinestro's ring. Give some prep, and it probably swings the other way: Sinestro can come in speed-amped and intangible and such in such a case.
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    and who ganked the power cosmic from Galactus
    Which is a showing with nothing to back it as being valid given how all powers involved have previously stacked against each other outside of this sequence.
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    This current Thor is so out of whack power wise, maybe best not to include him in rumbles.
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