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    Default If (Movie) Sonic was in...

    your original characters' world, what would happen from there once lil' Sonic gets transported from his world to your OCs' planet via a ring's portal by Longclaw the Owl?

    Would Sonic get found early or later on while he's in his teens?

    Could Sonic survive in your fictional world?

    Might he meet your OCs?

    Will Sonic find the bag of rings from his planet and return home...would he want to?

    And finally, seeing as there's no (Movie) Robotnik in that world, who do you think would/could/should be an enemy of the blue hedgehog's?

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    It depends on the world I had a multiverse. Some places he would crash in and retire there.

    Some he would want to get the f out.

    Others would eat him alive.

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