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    Default Kingdom Come - 1997 Trade Paperback Missing Pages

    Hi all,

    A friend just gave me the 1997 trade paperback of Kingdom Come (Waid/Ross), but I was disappointed to see it's missing pages 137-152...instead offering a repeat of pages 105-120. Some kind of binding error at the manufacturer?

    I checked online to see if this was a common problem with this edition, but couldn't find a single reference to it. Has anybody here noticed the problem in their version? Was any corrective action offered by DC Comics to replace these error copies - perhaps an exchange program or something?

    Appreciate any information you may have, or light you could shine, on the issue. Thanks.

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    Just checked mine.

    One of the printings I have is the 1997 tpb. No issues with the pages you mentioned(printed appropriately in mine).

    I've never heard of the issue and would assume it is a one-off issue.

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    Did these pages Superman arriving on Apokolips to meet Orion? Alex Ross has tinkered with the original Kingdom Come miniseries notably adding an epilogue where Bruce, Clark, and Diana meet at Booster Gold's Planet Krypton.

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