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The Dan Slott BND Mind on Fire story that revealed why exactly Harry didn't die was pretty well-disliked at the time it came out, I think Dan Slott himself has said before in recent years he wasn't proud of how that one turned out.

Here in Spencer's run we're acting like Harry did die, which he did in Spec #200, and given Spencer's knack for sticking to the history I wouldn't be surprised if he isn't a fan of Harry's resurrection. Maybe that's partially why Harry hasn't turned up physically yet in his run, too.

I'm still right there with ya on the pre-OMD Harry train for Kindred.
I am going with Norman as Kindred. I still go back to the Mephisto quote saying “Wanting the marriage not Peter’s soul.” I have not seen anyone explain why is that to me? One possibility is one I mentioned earlier that Osborn is mixed up with Mephisto ( talk about birds of a feather). The clone idea which a poster mentions makes a lot of sense as well ( especially because it was a total BS explanation of how Norman survived ASM 122). It could be that he really did not survive and the Osborn that we see is a clone.