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    Default favorite people in the industry?

    So I wanted to start a thread where I ask about who your favorite people in the comic industry are. Be it artist, writers, of editors, comic shop owners or workers or whoever. I am starting this thread to give people a chance to talk about who they love and to find some people that I have never heard of as I dont know much about the industry (Though I am learning) and try their work.

    I will start.

    My all time favorite person in the industry has to be the great John Bryne. I loved his Alpha Flight and that is what made me fall in love with the team and make them some of my favorite Marvel Heroes. I loved his Vison story arc on West Coast Avengers and cant wait to read his Fantastic Four stuff. But my all time favorite John Bryne comics and my favorite comics of all time have to be Superman and Batman Generations. I remember when I was 19 and working a shitty job in a drug store and going through a rough patch in my life. On the magazine rack there were some comics and I found Generations. I would sneak them into the break room on my lunch and read them. I really loved them and they made me feel better. These issues helped me feel better during a rough time. So I dont know if I love the story so much because it is good or because of how it helped me. Either way Bryne has a special place for me because of that.

    I also want to give a shout out to Rick the man who owns the comic shop that I go to. Come book shop owners can be really bad or really good. He is great. I have known him for years. I have a great time talking to him when I go to his shop. And he knows about my mental health disorder and knows how hard it is for me to leave my house. So if I am in his store and I start to have a freak out or trouble he lets me go into his back room and have some time to myself while I calm down. He even lets me read a comic to help me. He helps me find comics I want like he helped me get the 2014 and 1016 runs of Ms Marvel. he calls me when he gets something he thinks I like. he knows that I get paid at the start of each month and if it is towards the end of the month he will still let me get some comics and pay him at the start of the month. though I dont abuse this. if I am having a rough time and cant leave the house he will either drop my comics off to me or mail them to me at his expense. The cool thing I love is that he has a liberay section of his shop. he will put single issues or graphic novels on a couple of racks by a chair and let people read them for free. It is his idea of helping people get into comics or helping those who cant afford a lot of comics. There are not enough owners like him.

    So who do you guys love and why?
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    A few people who are universally loved:

    Will Eisner
    Everett "Busy" Arnold
    Archie Goodwin
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    It's tough, but my short list includes Andy Fish (husband of Veronica) who drew a story I had submitted to my comic shop for the owner's character. I met him once, but he and Veronica were both very gracious and kind despite my being so lacking in reputation next to them. This was at an appearance.


    As for work, I will almost always love me some Howard (Howie) Chaykin. I've read interviews and realize that he is opinionated and has no qualms about expressing those opinions. Although I doubt we'd ever really connect socially, his work is filled with quality as well as his own likes and issues of importance.

    I have found Walt Simonson to be a very likable and sociable creator online. I am enough of fanboy to get tingly when he actually likes a comment I make on his facebook posts.

    Joe Sinnott is one of my favorites because of his work and the other parts of his life. He's local and was very close to the baseball world. I saw his work when I went to Cooperstown and was totally thrilled.
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