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    Quote Originally Posted by Dboi2001 View Post
    I will leave it at this since this thread is going nowhere. If Feige hired Chloe Zhao and Nia DaCosta and said "We are hiring these people because they are great directors and have great visions" and announced the casts as "these are great actors who will play great characters" similar to how he announced Whedon and the Russos I wouldn't make this thread. But no he goes an extra mile to say they hired them for diversity and inclusion. They make their skin color a point instead of their talents be the point. IDC if a filmmaker is a woman or person of color but Feige wants marvel to look inclusive while still barring people of color from significant leadership roles at the company.
    Not only are all of your posts in bad faith, but you're just spreading lies.

    Nia DaCosta has not been officially announced as the director of Captain Marvel 2. Feige has made no comment about her and neither has Disney. Second, this is what Feige had to say about Chloe Zhao:

    "It is a very big movie. It is a very expensive movie," he revealed. "And we are making it because we believe in [director Chloe Zhao's] vision and we believe in what those characters can do and we believe we need to continue to grow and evolve and change and push our genre forward.

    "Her initial pitch to us was fascinating," says Feige. "And frankly one of the reasons we moved forward on the movie was because of the vision that she brought to it."

    He's never talked about her race or gender, so quit lying. For the benefit of everyone else on this thread, please consider leaving. This is becoming annoying.

    Edit: and before you even think about it, this is what he had to say about Ryan Coogler as well.

    “With what Ryan was doing, what he had to say, and vouching for crew members that we had not worked with before but that he believed in — he came in and blew us away with initial sort of presentations to get the job,” Feige told Variety’s Playback Podcast. "For them to have stepped up and knocked it out of the park the way they did is incredible. It comes down to a filmmaker who has such a deft hand at being able to balance something that is going to have entertainment value with being true to his soul and being true to the questions he had growing up.”

    Stop projecting and spreading lies.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dboi2001 View Post
    I will leave it at this since this thread is going nowhere.
    On that, we agree.
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