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    I disagree a little

    Its really rehashing since the first order is not like the empire and resistance is more of the galaxy fighting back
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    It’s a finesse thing, I think; mimicking the imagery and resetting the board to maximize tension is an idea that can either work or become an empty repeat that just hurts the overall story.

    I liked the idea of the FO having taken out the vast bulk of the New Republic’s conventional forces, but failing to land the knock-out blow on the New Republic’s polity or logistical advantage.

    Imagine if the First Order repent TLJ hurriedly trying to blitz the Galaxy’s most important strategic spots before the New Republic can rally with superior numbers, supplies, and population. Imagine if we got a space battle that was thousands of fighters and cruisers but no battleships trying to stop a handful of disciplined Star Destroyers. Imagine Leia having to play politics to keep a United front against the First Order, and dealing with rivals or paranoiacs who only see Vader’s daughter.

    Hell, just imagine if the First Order was pursuing the Resistance to keep the destruction of SKB hush-hush so they could still intimidate planets into submission, rather than just to kill them off.

    And imagine if the First Order remained as competent as they were in TFA!
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