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    Default Which Superman supervillain do you think had the best intro?

    Pick the best villain intros. Either for making a really cool villain that you wanted to see again (or would have if you weren't already familiar with them) or for being a really cool story. But you must pick their first published appearance (teasers excluded). I know with some old ones, stories weren't then what they are now, but you can compare them to others debuting in the same era.

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    Manchester Black & The Elite from Action Comics #775 immediately springs to mind. Also, despite how bad OUR WORLDS AT WAR turned out Imperiex had a really cool introduction.

    Cyborg Superman's burning of Superman's memorial plaque was cold-blooded once you knew who he was and what his motives were.

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    Zod debuted in ADVENTURE COMICS 283, in 1961...

    ...but really, he hit his stride in SUPERMAN II...

    ...and been a fan favorite ever since.

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    You can't really top the introduction of Mongul by Len Wein, Jim Starlin and Dick Giordano in DC COMICS PRESENTS 27 (November 1980). That was one of the greatest storylines. I also have a soft spot for Terra-Man's introduction in SUPERMAN 249 (March 1972)--a great concept (too bad it's been wasted)--with work by Cary Bates, Curt Swan, Murphy Anderson, Dick Dillin and Neal Adams .

    Going back further in time, the introduction of Mr. Mxyztplk was a lot of fun. However, you have your choice of which intro you prefer. There's the one in the comics--SUPERMAN 30 (September-October 1944)--"The Mysterious Mr. Mxyztplk" by Jerry Siegel, Joe Shuster and Ira Yarbrough. And there's the one in the comic strip, circa March 1st, 1944--in the Miss Dreamface storyline--by Whitney Ellsworth and Wayne Boring.

    One of the first introductions of a super-villain I ever read was "Zha-Vam the Invincible" in ACTION COMICS 351 (June 1967)--by Otto Binder and Wayne Boring. That dude was so imposing, I thought the Man of Steel was a goner for sure.
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    The first appearance of Lex is quite good for what it is I feel. Same for Brainiac.

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