This one takes the adage of walking a mile in someone else's shoes to a whole new level. Mephisto, feeling more merry than malefic, has invited your favorite character to the Halloween party to end all Halloween parties. All are welcome under one condition: attendees must dress up as another hero or villain. They can't come as themselves. To ensure compliance, Uatu and his consort Ulana, both of whom know everyone's secret identity, will be patrolling the festivities and properly turn violators into giant rotting pumpkins for the entire evening.

So let's hear it, folks. Who is your favorite character, and which hero or villain does he/she/it come dressed as? Feel free to reply as often as you like. I'm leaning towards Medusa dressing up as Daredevil, Ghost Rider arriving as Doctor Doom, or Monica Rambeau showing up and showing out as either the White Queen or Scarlet Witch. But who knows, maybe someone will suggest something really Tony Stark dressing up as classic Storm. Anything goes!

PS: Not required, but if any of the artists that frequent this board are inspired by some of the posters' ideas, feel free to submit drawings, sketches, etc.