I don't read many comics that actually surprise me, let alone surprise more than once per issue, but by golly, Spy Island did, and in both of its two so-far published issues. It's definitely written for laughs more than anything, but manages to carry out its characterizations and 'plot-lines' straight-forwardly and gracefully as well. There's an island in the Bermuda Triangle where international spies gather to fraternize, fund-raise (yup), and occasionally kill one another, a tourist destination as well, with a mermaid problem (one (possibly more) of a species of mermaids has developed a taste for tourist swimmers (DON'T feed the Mermaids!), and of course, all communications off-island are fakopt--it is the Bermuda Triangle after all. Fun, slicked drawn, and a Very Full Package from cover to cover with biological information on local flora and fauna, ads for tourist destinations (DON'T feed the Mermaids!) and collectibility of Mermaid teeth. Sure hope lots of others give this a try. Please support Matt's new favorite comics! And DON'T walk the beaches at night! From Dark Horse Comics