I'm speaking about playstation cause that's the system i use, not sure if it the same for xbox, but one thing i find very interesting about trophies is that little percentage indicating how many people have managed to earn the said trophies.

King of fighters 14 for example, only 5.7% of people having the game on PS4 have ever won an online match. Any match. Just a little, sweet, very simple win.

5.7%. That's crazy when you think about it. It's a fighting game. And what's more crazy is that you can actually find the same kind of numbers for ALL fighting games which means that only a very, very small percentage of the people who bought the game actually cared enough to go online and play a couple of matches. (don't really need much more to score at least one win)

I don't know, i find that amusing.

And you? Ever noticed something interesting while brownsing your endless list of hard-earned trophies?