So, with the introduction of Yara Flor as the new Wonder Woman, and the very real possibility of her being included in the main comics is she's well received, I was wondering if you would like her to be deaged to join a trinity with Damian and Jon. Of course, imagining that Jon is also deaged.

Then I started to think about the whole concept of the trinity. A Super, a Bat and a Wonder in every generation. If that were to become a thing, who would you like to integrate each generation's trinity?

For example:
Justice League
Clark, Diana and Bruce.

Kara, Donna and Dick (Kara never belongs to a fixed generation, so I'd really like if she joined the Titans with them)

Bizarro, Artemis and Jason

Young Justice
Conner, Cassie and Tim

Teen Titans
Jon, Yara and Damian

Just to play, if you want, you can include an Aqua, an Arrow, or a Speedster as well