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    Default [The Clone Wars] What did you think of the Mortis arc? Did it make sense?

    Personally, I loved it. I thought it was one of the best story arcs from the Clone Wars, I've always been as sucker for narratives that delved deeper into the nature of the force, its origins etc.

    Then again, it would be cool to hear other perspectives on this. I've heard some people saying the whole thing was silly and didn't really fit the franchise.

    In The Clone Wars, the Son broke the laws of time and showed Anakin Skywalker his future. Thanks to Obi-Wan and Ahsoka, Anakin never managed to leave Mortis while in his corrupted state but one can't help but wonder what would have happened if they failed. In Legends, Abeloth did ineed sow terror through the universe and was much more of a threat than Darth Sidious ever was - the Son was on a somewhat equal power level, in theory.

    I made this audiobook of sorts that explores the said possibiltiy, would love to hear your thoughts in regards to it too:

    And what do you guys think would have happened?

    Rebels did some kinky force stuff with World Between Worlds too, now that was even more crazy than Mortis. Again, I loved it but I do understand why some people might find it weird. I think a lot of things were left ambiguous with it, not answering too many questions which, was good plus it did actually meke sense in a grand scheme of things "binding everything together".

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    It's kind of interesting to think it was the first time Sam Witwer became involved with the Clone Wars and ended up becoming such a prolific part of it.

    Anakin learning about Vader was interesting even if it was obvious then that they would have to hit a reset button. And we also got evil Ahoska, which was kind of cool.

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    I hate the Mortis arc. I found it dull, confusing, and trying too hard to be smarter then it actually was.

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    I'm more or less against it even if I like some things conceptually because it's something that can never have resolution (Anakin essentially can't know of Vader) which makes the whole adventure kind of pointless in some regards. Things can be a fun excursion but it's something I still haven't really wrapped my head around with the implications. It's kind of bigger than it really needs to be with the lore which feels more at home in the old EU than it does now.
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    It's fun. But I think a lot of fans give it way more impact than it deserves. It doesn't actually have all that much to say about the Force, all things considered.

    At it's heart, the arc is just a metaphor for Anakin's journey, from TPM through RoTJ. All the pieces are there, they just play in a little different order. I did find it a little on the nose that they gave the Daughter Padme's face, I preferred the more subtle ways in which The Father was at various times a stand in for the elder Obi-Wan Kenobi and even for Anakin himself. And I always smile when they use Ahsoka as a stand in for Luke and Leia during the A New Hope metaphor while the Daughter is dying.

    It's a clever bit of storytelling, letting them build in some OT references and play with Anakin's fate as Vader even in a show that by it's nature can never reach that point.

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