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    Default Dream Matches without enough info

    What are some fights you'd like to see, but one or more of the characters involved don't have enough feats to actually make any solid determinations yet?

    Something like the One Punch Man's Fubuki Group vs. the Tank Top Army (sans their respective leaders and the people that Fubuki keeps trying to shanghai onto her team), or Rem/Lem from Re: Zero vs. Towa/Setsuna from Hanyou no Yashahime (the sequel to Inu Yasha).
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    anything that uses powered-up versions of any characters(particularly when their power-upgrades are fanon or simply from anywhere outside official canon)
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    whatever Scientists tells us what they believes are the only things that exists in Reality(our world), they treats what US government and mainstream news media said about things like 9/11, CO2 Emissions, and so on as their gospel

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    Anything with the Amalgam characters.

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