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    Default Recommendations for someone getting back to comics

    Hi everyone! Due to a combination of lost interest in Marvel and DC's constant events and some financial issues, I haven't bought comics regularly for years. I'm now in a position where I can responsibly get back to comics, but I have no interest in going back to Marvel or DC. I'm not particularly interested in getting into new superhero titles either. To scratch that itch, I've got my collection and a Marvel Unlimited subscription where I read from the eras I like and occasionally check out current stuff (I'll likely be getting the DC service soon as well.)

    I'm interested in most genres, though fantasy and sci fi are at the top for me. I was (and still am) a huge fan of Crossgen when it was publishing. One of the reasons I loved them so much was that they had so many different genres.

    I've got an admittedly illogical aversion to licensed titles. I'd rather read something that the creators / company created.

    So what would you recommend? Any genre is welcome. I'm particularly interested in supporting titles with BIPOC creative teams.
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    Here’s a list of indie comics:

    From this list, I highly recommend Saga, Chew, and Paper Girls. But there are soooo many others.

    If you’ve been going digital already, check out for lots of others that you can find with amazing discounts at times. I recommend comics from Image, Vertigo, OniPress.

    Some of my other favorites have been:

    Y The Last Man (just about anything from Brian K Vaughn)
    Trillium, Essex County (and just about anything from Jeff Lemire)
    Fatale, Criminal, Kill or Be Killed, The Fade Out (basically anything Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips)
    Black Science, Low, Deadly Class (Look up Rick Remender)
    Jonathan Hickman also has a bunch of stuff
    Letter 44 (some awesome Sci-fi from Charles Soule) and he has Curse Words (which I haven’t read yet but looks like great Fantasy)

    These are just some suggestions. Again, look up Image Comics, Vertigo, and other smaller publishers.

    Oh and how can I forget the reason for my Avatar... Atomic Robo. This was what got me back into comics after many years away. You can read the entire collection for free on the site. Its sci-fi to a degree, but also history related. It’s pretty awesome.
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    Hex11 on Comixology. There is a way to buy print copies, but I've never actually done it so I can't tell you what the process is.
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    right now, new titles (1-3 issues published) I'm enjoying:
    A Man Among Ye (pirates)
    Dept of Truth (SF paranoia/conspiracy)
    Spy Island (amusing (very) paranoia, conspiracy)
    Grendel, KY (monster story, but more largely a 'community at risk' story)
    Devil's Red Bride (actually not sure--alt history? alt mythology? one issue so far)
    Norse Myth (Gaiman/P.Craid Russell; two issues, waiting for its pedigree to prove itself)
    and long-running: The Goon... actually all of those listed in my tag (below)
    happy reading!
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    Y: The Last Man was my first comic book and I think it was a good choice to get started. I see it get spoken of negatively quite a lot, but personally I think it's a good read, just don't read it expecting some complex plot
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    Are you interested in european comics? Some of my favorites series are:

    I don't know if you care about manga, but I really like Berserk
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    Top (3) Three Recommendations would be...



    The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen

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