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    Default Solid-Gold Roller-Skates


    My comic book Solid-Gold Roller-Skates is for sale at comixology

    It's a sci-fi adventure about a robot and his talking spaceship who hunt pirates; and it is my first attempt at making a comic book.
    I'm just one broke-ass dude who drew the whole thing by hand,
    and I'm hoping to sell the very small amount of copies I need to be able to afford the pencils, pens and paper to make the second issue.
    and maybe a sandwich.

    Please visit my website at to check out my art.

    I'll upload more preview art on this thread as I finish it.

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    Solid-Gold Roller-Skates Issue #2 - Page 4 Preview

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    Something I tried to do with the first Issue of #SGRS was to bring abstraction into the art to propel the story forward. Which meant altering the art style depending on the different forms of intensity the scene had.
    You can see some panels of issue 1 where solid is painted with wide strokes of a brush next to pages of fine detail.

    Of course, it's all experimental at this point, I'm still learning, and what I took away from issue 1 was that a uniformity of style was more important to the flow of the story and that the abstraction often jarred that flow.

    But because I've established that the story is told through abstraction in the first issue, I can't just stop for the second.

    My solution for issue 2 was to try to meld the two. Keep the idea of abstract art expressing the mood of the panel, while maintaining a uniformity of artistic style.

    Here, in this panel, you can see that idea at work. I've kept the style in which it was drawn the same as the art around it, but I've abstracted the contents of the panel.

    This panel is showing that the information Solid has just found out has instantly wrapped him in an overwhelming prison. He is trapped in his situation and has no way of getting out.

    This is actually the first appearance of the villain of this issue.

    The pipes aren't really there. They are an abstract expression of what is in his mind at that point. Which is why he isn't looking at the pipes, he looks at the table. He hasn't suddenly been surrounded by the arms of Doctor Octopus and has to react.

    The villain of the story is the claustrophobia you feel when you lose control of everything in your life, when somebody you love dies, when you are accused of something you don't even understand, and you feel like life has shoved you into a hole and you can't get out.

    While this issue is an epic rematch between Solid-Gold Roller-Skates and Captain Greenblood as they rumble through the jungle, here we can see the manifestation of the frustration that leads to that battles intense and emotional conclusion.


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    Issue 2 - Page 5 - Part 2

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    TheSavageRates - 010101 - DA -reup.jpg

    The Savage Rats are a group of teenagers who form a street gang in the late 1970's so that they can defend their ghetto tenement building, and the innocent impoverished people who live inside, from the violent city and the villainous landlord who is working to have them evicted from their homes.

    In this panel, a rival gang, The Weasels, terrorizes an innocent bystander.

    Hand drawn with pencils, pens and inks.

    #sgrs #thesavagerats

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    Default Hello new friend

    Quote Originally Posted by #solidgoldrollerskates View Post
    Hi dear am Anna, and i will like to be your friend hope you don't mind

    here is were to find me ( )see you kisses .

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