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Armor Wars had a lot of just weird 'for drama's sake' bad acts by Tony. Invading Russia and accidentally killing one of their superheroes was not a good look and should have had serious international repercussions for his company, at the least. (Because that iteration of the Titanium Man was actually the mutant Gremlin, a super-genius inventor, he would also have Krakoa all up in arms these days, since they take mutant-killers seriously.)

And attacking *Stingray* because his tech might be Stark-tech? The hell, Tony, his battlesuit is made with *electrified shark-cartiledge.* I'm pretty sure that's not a thousand-miles from your wheelhouse...
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In theory, Tony was covered by the fact that he 'created' an employee that went rogue. But yeah, it should have brought him far more scrutiny than it did.

You'd think that he could have just designed a different looking armor and called himself 'Tek-Killer' or something, lol
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Yeah that’s what happens when Tony won’t listen or let anything stop him. Part ego as well. Tony wasn’t going to let anything get in his way. Laws or friendship.
Uh-huh, and since Tony outed himself as Iron Man all along . . . one would think that would bring even greater scrutiny of his past actions pretending to be two separate individuals. Then again, with that same logic, Matt Murdock ought to have been disbarred once it could be proven, or he admitted, that he was Daredevil. In retrospect . . . maybe that's why Tony decided a secret identity wasn't worth it.