I was able to tear through the 8 books in a couple weeks. Very good series. A lot of mystery, suspense, and shocking moments. But the best part was the characters. Each character felt very fleshed out, like if they were real life people being used in an experiment to help make a comic.
Now, I will say that the individual pacing of each issue could have been a bit better, and by that, I mean to say that there was at least two times where a big reveal happened in the middle of a page, not at the end of a page or the very beginning of another. For instance, at the very beginning, when this one person comes out of a crematory furnace, and they’re still “alive”, it happens in the middle of page two or three, and you lose the surprise to it as soon as you turned to page two. Had they added another panel or two of dialogue before they show this, the reveal could have happened as soon you turned the next page. I hope I’m explaining this right, this spoiler of the moment within the comic itself.
Anyhow, overall I highly recommend Revival. The art was fantastic. All the characters looked and felt unique and realistic. The gruesome parts were just that. And it was a great series.

So what’s your take?